Frequently Asked Questions about the District Council and this Web Portal


Question 1:
Are all Local Authorities in Malaysia under the purview of the Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry?

All Local Authorities fall under the purview of their respective State Governments. The Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry supervises Local Authorities with regard to uniformity of policies and legislation, provides guidance and technical advice, and channels funds allocated by the Federal Government.

Question 2:
How can I lodge an official complaint regarding issues or problems I may face within the jurisdiction of the Local Authority?

All complaints can be forwarded directly to the Local Authority or the Federal Housing and Local Government Ministry.

Question 3:
Is bulk waste (used mattress, old furniture etc.) collected with the same frequency as normal waste?

Bulk waste is only collected once a week.

Question 4:
If the responsible parties do not fulfill their duties like waste collection, what can I do?

You can lodge a complaint with the Local Authority closest to you, and they will ensure the appropriate action is swiftly taken.

Question 5:
What do the colours of the Recycling Bins stand for?

The color coding stands for the following :

  • Blue -For paper

  • Orange -For aluminium tins, metal cans and plastics

  • Brown -For glass

Question 6:
When is National Recycling Day held?

National Recycling Day is held on November 11th each year.

Question 7:
What causes dengue fever?

Dengue virus.

Question 8:
What type of mosquito spreads dengue?

Aedes Mosquito.

Question 9:
What should I do if I cannot afford to pay all of the arrears?

If full payment cannot be made, in some cases, arrangement can be made for instalment payment.


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