Train (KL Sentral) KL - Dabong
Wau Express KL 2005hr to 0551hr Dabong
Dabong 2024hr to 0710hr KL
RM25 economy/ RM 35 superior seated/RM43 upper bunk

Additional costs:

  • RM80 daily for a guide for a dozen visitors
  • Boat Fare RM2
  • Taxi/van to Stong Hill Resort RM4 per person, return trip RM8
  • Entrance fee to Stong Hill Resort RM2 per person
  • Guide RM80/day, park entrance RM2/pax, camp RM3/pax/day

The climb begins from the Stong Hill Resort to the First Base Camp, which is Baha's Camp at roughly 2 hours. There are chalets available here, made of forest materials like bamboo.

Jelawang Waterfall, believed to be the highest in Southeast Asia, is located here. It’s sometimes referred to as Stong Waterfall. A few minutes stroll from Baha's Camp is the Tuan Puteri Pond. According to legend, someone stumbled upon seven princesses bathing here.

25 minutes from Baha's Camp are the Seven Wells or Telaga Tujuh. Other attractions nearby include Bogor Cave and Mount Ayam, the highest peak here at 1504 meters.